When people find out you are dating a gay guy

We are different on many levels but we had a few important things in common: I hate when people tell you how love will find you when you stop searching and all that zen crap.

James P., 8 months ago

Nobody knows how the universe works. What makes the difference in the end is persistence and clarity about what you want. Follow Francesco Cerniglia on Twitter: We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you relevant advertising.

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Author Francesco Cerniglia. The key is connecting with people who share the same outlook and are upfront about it.

‘Honey, I’ve got a secret’ : When gay men come out to their wives

Dating Locations. A deliciously enjoyable BBQ experience for all palates. Registered office: Your Privacy We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you relevant advertising. Not only is this far too prescriptive, you also run the risk of coming across as overly negative. Say what you like to do, who you want to be with, and why people should date you.

This is becoming a bigger issue in the gay dating world. All this liberation and equality is leading to increased bigotry among us. What does that even mean?


If you like someone enough, open your mind to other possibilities. Not everyone on a hookup app is looking for sex and even if they are, who gives a toss? Spare us your sanctimony, your grace.

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This is fine — nothing wrong with a one-night-stand — as long as he realises that too. We place a lot of importance, misguidedly I feel, on not having sex on the first date.

Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends

If you feel it between you, then go for it. The Guyliner has been writing about gay dating since and is also a columnist at Gay Times Magazine.