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Clementi's death brought national attention to the issue of cyberbullying and the struggles facing LGBT youth. Clementi was born on December 19, , [2] in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

A graduate of Ridgewood High School , he was a violinist ; he played with the Ridgewood Symphony Orchestra and participated in the Bergen Youth Orchestra as concertmaster. A few days before leaving home to attend college at Rutgers, Clementi told his parents that he was gay. She later noted that she had not been ready as a parent to publicly acknowledge having a gay son, partly because her evangelical church had taught that homosexuality was a sin. After their conversation, she said that she and Tyler cried, hugged, and said they loved each other.

Jane Clementi said that she and Tyler spent the rest of the week together and spoke frequently on the phone when he was at Rutgers.

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According to his mother, Tyler seemed "confident" and "comfortable" after coming out and told her of having visited New York City with new friends. On Twitter, Ravi referred to having seen Clementi's communications on the Just Us Boys website, and tweeted "Found out my roommate is gay. Ravi's text messages to friends described Clementi as shy and awkward. Clementi's online conversations and text messages referred to his amusement at Ravi's construction of a private changing area, but Clementi said he appreciated the fact that Ravi left him alone and did not force an excessively social atmosphere.

On the nights of September 19 and 21, Clementi had asked Ravi to use their room for those evenings.

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On the first occasion, Ravi met Clementi's male friend, and Clementi said that the two wanted to be alone for the evening. Ravi has stated that he was worried about theft and that he left the computer in a state where he could view the webcam stream due to those concerns. Later, Wei turned on the camera for another view with four others in the room, though Ravi was not there. On September 20, Clementi, who followed Ravi's Twitter account, read a message that Ravi sent a few minutes after the webcam viewing the previous day.

Ravi wrote: I went into molly's room and turned on my webcam. I saw him making out with a dude. On September 21, Ravi posted text messages saying that there would be a viewing party to watch Clementi and his guest, along with directions on how to view it remotely. Yes, it's happening again. Ravi has said that he had changed his mind regarding the broadcast and disabled the camera himself by putting the computer in sleep mode.

The same day, Clementi complained to a resident assistant [15] and two other officials [16] that Ravi had used a webcam to stream part of Clementi's private sexual encounter with another man. His posts indicated that he did not want to share a room with Ravi after he learned about the first incident and then discovered that Ravi invited his Twitter followers to watch a second sexual encounter.

Within a few hours, Clementi returned to his dorm room and he and Ravi were there for less than an hour. On the evening of September 22, Clementi left the dorm room, bought food from the campus food court, and, around 6: Clementi left a suicide note which, along with documents on his computer, was never released to either the public or to the defense team in Ravi's trial, because Clementi's suicide was not directly related to the charges against Ravi.

Clementi's wallet, car, cell phone, and computer were found on or near the bridge. His body was found on September 29, in the Hudson River just north of the bridge.

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  6. Rutgers University students planned a "Black Friday" event to commemorate and memorialize Clementi. Rutgers president Richard Levis McCormick stated, "We grieve for him and for his family, friends and classmates as they deal with the tragic loss of a gifted young man Beginning in the — school year, a Rutgers University pilot program was instituted to permit students to choose their dorm roommates, regardless of gender.

    Members of the university's LGBT community told the administration that gender-neutral housing would help create a more inclusive environment for students. By September , Rutgers had implemented numerous new programs to provide a more supportive environment for LGBT students, in reaction to the suicide, including new dormitory options and a new Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities, and students reported a much-improved campus atmosphere.

    In , Tyler Clementi's parents, Jane and Joseph Clementi, established the Tyler Clementi Foundation, which focuses on promoting acceptance of LGBT teens and others marginalized by society, providing education against all forms of bullying including cyber bullying over the internet and promoting research and development into the causes and prevention of teenage suicide.

    On March 9, , the Point Foundation , the nation's largest scholarship-granting organization for LGBT students of merit, announced that it had created the Tyler Clementi Point Scholarship to honor Clementi's memory.

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    Tyler Clementi's suicide, along with the suicides of several other gay teens who had been harassed, moved President Barack Obama , Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to express shock and sadness and speak out against any form of bullying. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stated that the suicide was an "unspeakable tragedy I don't know how those two folks [Ravi and Wei] are going to sleep at night" and added, "as the father of a year-old, I can't imagine what those parents are feeling today—I can't. The San Diego Unified School District Board of Education unanimously approved a resolution to provide a safe environment and equal opportunities for lesbian , gay , bisexual , transgender and questioning students.

    The day of the announcement of the verdict in the Dharun Ravi trial, Clementi's father, Joseph, released a statement, directed particularly at young people:. You're going to meet a lot of people in your lifetime. Some of these people you may not like. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean you have to work against them.

    When you see somebody doing something wrong, tell them: Stop it.

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    In the same statement, Jane Clementi, Tyler's mother, noted the role that electronic media can have in singling out LGBT youth for being different. She said:. In this digital world, we need to teach our youngsters that their actions have consequences, that their words have real power to hurt or to help. They must be encouraged to choose to build people up and not tear them down. In the weeks following Clementi's suicide, schools around the area of his residence held vigils in memory of his death. Students at Hofstra University gathered for a candlelight vigil, [43] and students and staff at Pascack Hills High School in Bergen County , near Ridgewood where Clementi lived, wore all black to mourn his death.

    The incident brought wider nationwide attention to bullying of LGBT youth. However, journalist Jason St. Amand has noted that "there are surprisingly several gay activists who are skeptical about the case and believe that Ravi is being used as a scapegoat and should receive a lesser sentence. Bryan Lowder has similarly criticized hate-crime laws, arguing that Ravi's motives are difficult to know, and that Ravi should not be blamed for attitudes that are "pervasive in our culture".

    Savage says that he deplores the "mob mentality" that focuses on "a couple of stupid teenagers who should've known better but didn't. But a 30 day sentence is far, far too lenient—a slap on the wrist. He concluded that "At best, we can say that Ravi's spying and subsequent Twitter messages might have triggered Clementi's suicide, which is different from causing his suicide We've turned Tyler Clementi into a two-dimensional symbol of anti-gay bullying and Dharun Ravi into a scapegoat. This is a case that screams out for compassion and understanding. The Tyler Clementi Institute for Internet Safety, a legal institute to assist other victims of cyberbullying, was launched in October Soon after invasion of privacy charges were brought against Ravi and Wei, gay advocacy groups and bloggers were vocal in their support for bringing hate-crime charges against the defendants.

    In fact, there was no posting, no observed sex, and no closet. Ellen DeGeneres described herself as "devastated" by Clementi's death, stating, "Something must be done. This month alone, there has been a shocking number of news stories about teens who have been teased and bullied and then committed suicide This needs to be a wake-up call to everyone: The band Rise Against released a song, Make It Stop September's Children , which mentions the names of Tyler Clementi and four other people who committed suicide in September after being bullied based on their sexual orientation.

    Madonna gave tribute to Clementi by showing a picture of him and other gay teens who have committed suicide during the Nobody Knows Me video interlude in the MDNA Tour. On September 28, , Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei were each charged with two counts of invasion of privacy for the September 19 webcam transmission. Ravi was charged with two additional counts for the September 21 viewing attempt.

    On May 6, , Wei entered a plea agreement allowing her to avoid prosecution in exchange for her testimony against Ravi, hours of community service, counseling, and classes on dealing with people of alternative lifestyles. On March 16, , Ravi was convicted on all 15 counts for his role in the webcam spying incidents.

    In February , Ravi asked the courts to overturn his convictions [77] following a New Jersey Supreme Court ruling that struck down as unconstitutionally vague a part of the law under which he was charged. He was sentenced to time already served and fines paid, and the remaining charges against him were dropped. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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