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If Gay Dating App Behavior Was Real Life

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Related Searches: Flirt and Dating Apps. Boranu Online B. Zoosk Inc. Paktor Pte. But remember, that all-night-high-partying is a sometimes-thing, and that it doesn't in any way prohibit us from also being gamers, classic rock fanatics or other things like that.

I do see your point in perspective of people who go out being bitchy, rude, and full of themselves. But they're like that because of insecurities, not because they go to gay bars.

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Yes, from visiting a couple of places with friends, from seeing TV coverage, from what I read, from what I hear from gay friends and acquaintances and so on, laid back and chill are about the last words I'd use to describe gay bars in Denmark. I have no idea why you'd see that as something negative though. That's the real mystery here. There are also sexuality-neutral or non-gay.. Where everything is about partying hard, being super hyper and "crazy" and stuff. There's nothing wrong with that. But it just seems like that's the standard for gay bars where it's more of a niche for non-gay-specific places in my experience.

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There seems to be a much greater variety of sexuality-neutral places so those who are a bit more laid back and chill might choose a more quiet beer bar, pub, bodega or whatever and talk to their friends in a more "hyggelig" way and leave the crazy partying to the more hyper crowd wanting to dance the night away or whatever.

I have absolutely no problem with you painting yourself at all. More power to you.

If you're having fun I'm nothing but happy for you. My point isn't that there's something wrong with you or with that type of bar, but it's just not the place or setting I'd go if I was looking for laid back and chill people who enjoy a cold beer while watching sports or whatever.. Or hell, even that awful term 'straight acting'. If the guy is from Estonia and the situation really is like he described it, it sounds like he's pretty quiet about the whole thing and would probably prefer not drawing massive amounts of attention to himself and his sexuality.

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Of course I could be wrong about him. He could be the most flamboyant person on the planet just waiting for a chance to go crazy, but from what he said it just doesn't sound like it to me. Those laid-back and chill, masculine guys aren't even on Grindr sometimes. So they are hidden in the rest of the crowd, and you really have no way or tools to find them, sorry to say. If you like gays that like glitter and party, go for the bars. But those laid-back, relaxed masculine guys you do find on Grindr are of course discreet Hm, now you're making me curious.

Where do those guys find each other then? I assume they still manage to get laid and date people? Is masculine the nice way of putting it?

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I've heard the "straight acting" thing but that seems awfully generalizing and nonsensical to me tbh. It makes no sense. Uhm, I suppose so but I'm not really interested in meeting guys. I was just curious about a part of Danish society that I have very little personal experience with. Trying to get to know my fellow Danes you know. Jobs in Sweden Browse jobs Post a vacancy. Email newsletters Newsletter sign-up Edit my subscriptions. Other pages Social events Property market Noticeboard Discussion forum.

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